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Dr. David Nock and the Nock Oral Surgery team are pleased to provide the finest in oral surgery. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants, and we encourage you to join our patient family by scheduling an appointment at our Grand Junction practice.
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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Nock is exceptionally skilled with tooth extractions. In fact, he’s removed over 50,000 teeth in his career. This means it’s done right the first time, with minimal discomfort, and faster recovery times. Read more about Tooth Extractions.



Whether a permanent replacement for broken teeth, or used to secure dental devices such as dentures, Dr. Nock is an expert at dental implants. His refined surgical touch ensures minimal discomfort and a job done right for a smile as strong and comfortable as the real thing. Learn more about dental implants.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are your wisdom teeth causing problems with your smile? Dr. Nock will remove them safely, using his vast experience and the latest 3-D imaging technology to best support your present and future oral health. Learn more about wisdom teeth removal.

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

Hoping to sleep through it all? Although some procedures are best conducted under local or IV sedation, many times a general anesthetic provides the optimal level of comfort and ease in surgical cases. Dr. Nock is happy to discuss all options available to best help with your stress and pain management needs. Read more about general anesthesia.

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Praise from our patients.

  • I found Dr. Nock to be kind, compassionate and very gentle. At 78 I had to have a very impacted wisdom tooth removed. Because of its location, I was only to do this if there was nothing else to be done. Fortunately, there don't appear to be any long term harmful affects. He has the latest equipment in a bright, clean pleasant atmosphere and a caring welcoming staff. I would highly recommend him.

    STEPHANIE G via Google
  • “I've had more than my fair share of dental procedures, including surgeries.  Dr. Nock extracted my tooth yesterday, and it was BY FAR my best dental experience EVER, in my entire 40-ish years on this earth!  His staff rocks, too!  They're doing it RIGHT.”

    TRACI L via Yelp
  • “I loved Dr. Nock and his staff! They were very caring and professional. We'll drive from Telluride anytime to see him!”

    Lisa S via Facebook
  • "I had an impacted wisdom tooth that desperately needed removed. I am terrified of dentists and put off having this procedure for over 10 years. When I got this last infection, I had had enough and finally made the appointment. Dr. Nock used general anesthesia which I had never had with a dentist before. He was extremely patient with me and efficient. He explained everything he was going to do, what to expect and took the time to answer my questions. The worst part of the entire ordeal was not being able to have coffee the morning of the appointment due to the anesthesia. I would go to Dr. Nock again in a minute!"

    Anonymous via Angie's List
  • Dr Nock, I wanted to thank you for a nearly pain free experience. You are obviously a very caring and careful dentist and I am certainly appreciative of your skill.

    Sandy H.
  • "Dr. Nock and the staff are warm and compassionate people. The office visit was in and out without complication!! I will refer family and friends to his office!! Thank you and your staff for caring about your patients!!"

    Ruth E. via Facebook
  • "Very fast and efficient!! The staff is friendly and warm. It made going to the dentist a very pleasant experience!! Thank you and your staff for the work that you do to help people who need it!!"

    Ruth E. via Google+
  • "Thank you for the operation and calming my nerves. Ya'll did a great job."

    William C.
  • "Dr. Nock removed all four of my wisdom teeth, and I couldn't be happier with him. During our initial meeting, he introduced himself as David Nock, rather than Dr. Nock, which I felt was more friendly and welcoming. The entire procedure went exactly as he said it would, and far better than I was expecting. I only took two pain pills the day of the surgery and did not need to take any for the remainder of my recovery, which is a testament to Dr. Nock's expertise. His staff was very friendly and helpful. When I called to schedule my appointment, I had several questions, which his employee patiently answered. The kind employee also told me the story of her daughter's recent wisdom tooth extraction by Dr. Nock, which helped answer many questions and put me at ease about my upcoming surgery. A few days after my surgery, I received a handwritten get well card from Dr. Nock! A handwritten get well card from a doctor to a patient in 2016?!?! Wow! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. NOCK!"

    Jeff B. via Google+
  • "I love it here! Alyssa was so extremely friendly and helpful! What a great practice!"

    Kaitlin H. via Google+

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